Reel Deal, No Sex Appeal Episode LV: Last Action Hero

It's finally here, folks. Hot takes on the movie you've been waiting all year to hear about. Sorry to keep you waiting, but Reel Deal is finally here to tell you about Truth or Dare. 

Squatch Watch 2018 is on as Star Wars, Shark, and Squatch Expert Alex digs deep into the dregs of direct to video Bigfoot movies. 

The gang watched the underseen Last Action Hero. The great Schwarzenegger streak of movies ended not long after its original. The real question is, was this the last great hurrah or a sign of what was to come? We talk about child sidekicks, meta humor, and la-CHRIS MADE ME WATCH FOODFIGHT AND HE WILL NEVER BE FORGIVEN. I CLOSE MY EYES AND I SEE DOGTECTIVE TRYING TO FUCK TEENAGE HILLARY DUFF. I WILL NEVER KNOW PEACE

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