Reel Deal, No Sex Appeal Episode LVI: Mission Impossible - Fallout

Bigfoot's girthy dingus and stealing sharks: the Reel Deal brand has never been stronger. 

#SquatchWatch continues with a deliciously gory Bigfoot movie and a found footage forest romp that almost puts Star Wars, Shark, and Squatch Expert Alex to sleep. 

The gang goes through the Mission Impossible Franchise before discussing the newest installment. It's a rare treat to go into a movie with sky high expectations and come out itching to see it again. We were so excited that we even cut back on racial slurs for Chris to edit out. 

It's got a bit of everything. Tom Cruise running, Bigfoot sex, Jeremy Renner, Godzilla, Bigfoot sex, some movie with blackface from 60 years ago, Bigfoot sex. Fun for the whole family so check it out. 

Listen to it here

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