Swinging Pizzagate: An NFL Podcast

The official football podcast of Terrible Blog is here, whether you wanted it or not. Garbage person/Cowboys fan Parker and Chris, Fan of the Most Discriminated Team in the NFL the New England Patriots, are firing up scorching takes with bad opinions and even worse predictions.

NFL Week 4 Preview: Trevathan for You

Congratulations to the inaugural Jeff Heath Headshot of the Week Award sponsored by Big Cuck Hunter: Danny Trevathan, who decimated Davante Adams with a sinister quickscope

NFL Week 3 Preview

Chris and Parker are back again after getting virtually every single prediction wrong. Will that stop us? Will we learn from it? Will there be any sort of introspection whatsoever? Nope.

September football is still garbage, but that won't stop us from talking about every single game on the docket. Sure, there are only 3 good matchups, but why would that stop us?

NFL Week 2 Preview

Where did episode 1 go? Don't worry about it. Just assume all of our scorching takes were spot on, and that we definitely didn't say anything embarrassing like neither of us wanted to watch the Chiefs play or that the Texans would win the division easily.

Chris and Parker are back and talking about all of the exciting games this weekend and also Bills/Panthers. We go game by game and answer all of your hard hitting questions. Is this the end of Bruce Arians? Is Marcedes Lewis seriously still in the league? Why is Tom Brady the worst quarterback in football? All this and more from someone who has never played a snap of football in his life and Chris.

NFL Season & Week 1 Preview

Episode 1 is lost to time and space forever, but just assume we didn’t say anything embarrassing and/or wildly inaccurate. 


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