Reel Deal, No Sex Appeal

The official podcast of Terrible Blog for Terrible People has finally hit the airwaves! Parker (Big Bob Pataki) and his broken brain have joined up with Chris (Chris the Intern) to deliver the newest vision in dynamic film criticism, a veritable cornucopia of content. A contentcopia, if you will. Sometimes it's about the biggest movie in theaters, sometimes it's about a Brendan Frasier flick from 15 years ago, but it's always full of desperate cries for help. Join us every Tuesday to listen to hot takes galore. 

The absolutely gorgeous cover art was designed and created by the ingenious Krystal Miner. 

P.S. Don't listen to episode 1. It is...rough. 

50. Con Air
38. Scream
37. Spawn
26. Bright
10. It

*I can't stress enough how shitty the audio is, y'all


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