Suicide Squad - It's Guardians of the Galaxy, But Not the Good Kind Like You Want

We've got it. The worst of the worst.

More like the Dirty Doesn't. My column: 

The King of Iron Fist Retrospective Part 2 - Tekken 2

Tekken 2 poster

This is bullshit, Jeff. If you keep spamming the eye lasers I'm taking my Dualshock and going home.

Ghostbusters (2016) - The War on Men Begins with the Desecration of Dan Aykroyd's Ghost Blowjob

Ghostbusters 2016 cast

♪ I'm in the business of misandry, let's take it from the top
It's got an all female cast and they're never gonna stop ♪

Green Room - The Feel Bad Movie of the Year

Green Room Poster from IMP AwardsGreen Room Poster from IMP Awards

It's Summer time in the city and you know what they say: no shirt, no shoes, no problem. Put down your textbooks and pick up a book and lay down next to the pool. You've earned it. The Sun is shining, you've got a cocktail with a cute little umbrella in it, and your only concern is getting ambushed by a barrage of water balloons. Sun's out, fun's out, and what better way to soak in the good vibes than watching a 90 minute nightmare? 

UFC 200 - Return to the Brocktagon

Brock Lesnar UFC 200 weigh ins


The King of Iron Fist Retrospective Part 1 - Tekken

Witness the power of the Terrible Zaibatsu 

Mortal Kombat - That Sonya Blade Is One Piece of Ace

Actually written by Chris the Intern, I'm an idiot who posted it on the wrong account.

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God dammit Chris.