Swinging Pizzagate - NFL Conference Championship Preview: Puffy AmiYugi-Boy

The playoffs keep chugging along and boy do I have egg on my face. "Make Chris watch Yu-Gi-Oh," I said, "it'll be hilarious." Well joke's on me. Due in part to Stefon Diggs making one of the most ridiculous plays I've ever seen, I was supposed to watch not one, not two, but three episodes of "Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi." Supposed to is the key word.

I've nearly hit my breaking point, and I fear that if the Eagles make it to a Super Bowl I may never recover.

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Swinging Pizzagate - NFL Divisional Round Preview: Undefeated Playoff Quarterback Blake Bortles

The NFL playoffs keep chugga chugga chuggign along. Chris and I split our picks 2-2 last week, meaning both of us got to endure equal punishment. Well, relatively equal. Chris got to watch 2 episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh for the first time, and I was lucky enough to pop my Sonic Underground cherry. It's exactly how it sounds, except messier than normal because of the chili dogs. 

Oh and also we talk about this weekend's games. But mostly children's anime from a decade ago.

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Swinging Pizzagate - NFL Wild Card Weekend Preview: Never Running From A Real Fight

Holy shit, we made it through 2017 and one of the most dire seasons in recent memory. The playoffs are here and that's all that matters. The Bills Mafia are playoff bound, Marvin Lewis got another extension, and it turns out that the joke's on Chris because I actually love Sailor Moon. For once, the weekly bet backfired. I'm going to enjoy it while I can because I can only imagine what fresh hell awaits me next week.

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When Harry Met Sally...Ringing in the New Year by Going Completely Off-Brand

Year of release: 1989
Starring: Billy Crystal, Meg Ryan, Carrie Fisher, Buddy Hackett Bruno Kirby
Writer: Nora Ephron
Director: Rob Reiner
Cinematographer: Barry Sonnenfeld

2018 just has to be the year. I don't know what it'll be the year for, but it oughta be the year for something really special. Anything can happen; we got the Buffalo Bills in the playoffs, we got a failed gameshow host as U.S. President, and I hear tell they might even be bringing back Animaniacs. The human race is precipitously balanced on the edge of a razor blade, or maybe we're skating on thin ice, or perhaps we're dancing a waltz on a powder keg, or we could just be doing none of those extremely stupid, dangerous things and there isn't a superfluous metaphor to apply to society these days, try as we might. Maybe it's because I watched Good Girls Revolt, witnessed talking heads on the news debate whether the United States would turn North Korea into a concrete parking lot or vice versa, and saw the Iranian protests, but it seems like the world is just raring for a revolution of some sort. People sure would like to belong to one. The populace desires change. As usual, I've got just the thing.

Folks, it's time to for us, as a species, to watch more Rob Reiner movies.