Reel Deal, No Sex Appeal Episode XLIX: Hereditary

Do you like dinner scenes that are so uncomfortable that you wanna rip your hair out or run out of the theater? You do? You're in good company. Chris appreciates the atmosphere of the movie, while Parker neglects to warn his friends that this movie might have something supernatural goin' on.

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Reel Deal, No Sex Appeal Episode XLVIII: Van Helsing

Crack open a cold one with the boys and get ready to hunt down all of gothic horror's most famous villains! Chris defends this piece of garbage, and Parker viciously attacks a beloved family tradition. Featuring Beatrice, Chris's sister, who gives baffling insight into a typical Field Day back in the mid 2000's. The world's most Absolutely Regular Nuclear Family.

More importantly, both Parker and Chris lost a bet last week and boy oh boy do they pay for it. 
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Reel Deal, No Sex Appeal Episode XLVII: Solo - A Star Wars Story

Parker and Chris are joined by Official Star Wars Correspondent Alex to own the sjw libs by watching a space movie for children.  

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Harlan Ellison - A Voice from the Edge Gone Silent

Harlan Ellison died yesterday, peacefully, in his sleep, at the age of 84 - one of the few things he's done peacefully in his 70+ years of working, writing, and living. Harlan was one of the great men of our time, often characterized as "the dark prince of American letters" and "the most contentious man in America". He was no stranger to controversy - often inviting it in like a family welcomes its cousins in at Thanksgiving, only more frequently - and was as well-known for his excellent short stories as he was for his explosive temper. Harlan was one of my idols, right up there with Frank Zappa, Bruce Lee, my father, etc. I'm going to tell you as much about him as I can until grief stays my hand.

Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone

It's time to Rock the Dragon.

Jesus Christ Superstar - The First Movie to Feature Twerking

Written by: Melvyn Bragg, Norman Jewison, Tim Rice, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John
Directed by: Norman Jewison
Music by: Tim Rice, Andrew Lloyd Webber
Starring: Ted Neeley, Yvonne Elliman, Carl Anderson, Barry Dennen, Philip Toubus, the principal from Billy Madison
Cinematography: Douglas Slocombe
Are we still giving credit to huge movie studios that don't love us back?: Universal Pictures

There is no great shortage of biblical film adaptations; it's called the greatest story ever told for a reason. There are varying degrees of success here; one can quickly point to either version of The Ten Commandments or Ben-Hur as useful and worthwhile works of art, while Wholly Moses! and Noah's Ark are wastes of time. It's a tricky balancing act; you've got to respect both the belief system that's been around for a couple millennia lest you upset one of the biggest religious movements in the world, but you've got to commit to the art form as well lest you disappoint the general moviegoer. Right about the 1970s, Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber had a really bright idea: how about a musical that portrays Jesus Christ as some sort of funk rock superstar?

Reel Deal, No Sex Appeal Episode XLVI: Deadpool 2


After going an exhausting two (!) weeks without a movie based on comics or toys, the absolute units crack open some cold ones and chat about Deadpool the Second. 

Also: Parker watched an obscene amount of Twin Peaks and 90's monster movies, and Chris watched a bunch of racist shit from the 1940s called Calamity Jane on the Orient Express or some garbage like that. 

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